Spanish Teachers

Spanish Teachers

¡FÍJATE QUE TENEMOS UNA OPORTUNIDAD PARA TUS ESTUDIANTES!Are you promoting international travel for your language students? There is no better way to learn a language than to live it! The Partners of the Americas Oregon-Costa Rica High School Exchange program is a great opportunity for your students to use and improve their Spanish while experiencing the culture of Costa Rica firsthand.

Partners offers an ideal 8-week travel program to Costa Rica. The program sends up to 25 Oregon high-school students to Costa Rica from mid-June to mid-August. Students who travel act as “ambassadors” of Oregon. They are carefully selected and receive a great deal of preparation to travel. The students are accompanied by two chaperones that stay with the group in Costa Rica for the entire eight weeks. Students live with two different host families, attend high school with their host brother/sister, and experience Costa Rican culture.

This program is perfect for your students who want to travel, but don’t want to go during the school year.

We are looking for students from throughout Oregon who will represent the various aspects of the state. We want motivated, adaptive, friendly, and outgoing students. In order to apply, students must have completed at least two years of high school Spanish and finished their sophomore year of high school by the time of departure.

Please note that the first orientation for the Partners program can be found on our calendar for Southbound Students. This is an informational orientation for parents and students. It is an excellent opportunity to meet the committee, learn more about the program, and the application process.

HOSTING is a great experience as well. For information, see the Hosting Page or contact the Hosting Coordinators:

Program Coordinators:
Annette Navarro: 503-969-0083
Jane Rubio: 541-659-5515
[email protected]

Thank you in advance for sharing this opportunity with your students. If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding the Partners travel program contact the Student Travel Coordinator:

Student Travel Coordinator:
Lauren Morrow
[email protected]

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