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Benefits for Schools Hosting Partners of the Americas Costa Rican High School Students

  • Oregon/Washington students have an opportunity to enjoy a firsthand look at the culture of Costa Rica.
  • Having a native Spanish speaker in language classes provides a speech model for Oregon/Washington language students.
  • International organizations and clubs benefit from interaction with Costa Rican exchange students.
  • Developing friendships with Costa Rican students can inspire Oregon/Washington language students to travel and study abroad.
  • History, social studies, and government classes can gain new perspectives about Latin America by exchanging ideas with Costa Rican students.
  • Oregon/Washington students will gain an appreciation for what they have by hosting.
  • Host families become more involved in school activities through the hosting experience.
  • Hosting a Costa Rican exchange student brings increased sensitivity to cultural differences between the United States and Latin America.
  • Costa Rican students can contribute special talents to school activities.

Host Program Coordinators:
Lauren Morrow: 503-348-1058
Jane Rubio: 541-659-5515
[email protected]

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