2024 Traveler Information

Orientation Schedule for 2024

In order to ensure a successful immersion experience, all travelers must participate in Orientation sessions.  These sessions help to prepare students by

  • providing information about Costa Rica
  • providing an opportunity to developing a relationship with the Chaperone and fellow travelers
  • equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary to adjust to a new culture, family, and school
  • practice language and communication skills to utilize during the immersion experience
  • provide an opportunity for the Chaperone and committee to determine how to best support each individual

Orientation Schedule 2024




Sunday 2/25 from 9 am – 3 pm

Off I-5 between Portland/Salem, Home of Jennifer Gingerich, Hosting Director:

Get-To-Know-You Orientation

Sunday 3/17 from 1 pm – 3pm

Zoom Quick Link:bit.ly/ORCRmeetingMeeting ID: 854 7293 3051 Passcode: ORCR

Student Interviews – includes shoe box talk and Costa Rica Presentation

Students notified of acceptance/travel status before Spring Break

Saturday 4/13 at 12 pm – Sunday 4/14 at 2 pm

Drift Creek Camp, Meet in Lincoln City

Overnight Orientation

Sunday 5/26 from 9 am-3 pm

Off I-5 between Portland/Salem, Home of Jennifer Gingerich, Hosting Director

Thank You Presentation/Gifts and Final Preparations

Sunday 6/9 from 1 pm-3 pm

Zoom Quick Link:bit.ly/ORCRmeeting

Meeting ID: 854 7293 3051. Passcode: ORCR

Final Orientation W/Parent/Guardian

Payment Schedules for 2024

After the Student Interview orientation, students will be informed of their travel status within a few days.  If and when a student is accepted to travel, you will be required to pay the travel fee of $2,950.00.

Payments can be paid in 3 installments:
  • April 1 – $1000.00
  • May 1 – 1000.00
  • June 1 – 950.00
Please send payments to our treasurer, Dan Green, 123 Barclay Ave., Oregon City, OR.  97404. If you have any questions about your payments you can email Dan directly at [email protected]

Need-based scholarships are available. You can use the following form to apply for assistance. Financial Assistance Form

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