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2020 Southbound Student Travel to Costa Rica

Student Traveler
Priority Application Deadline: February 1, 2020

The Partners of the Americas High School Exchange Program has a great opportunity to offer you! This program is an excellent opportunity for you to use and improve your Spanish while experiencing the culture of Costa Rica firsthand. We are pleased that you are interested in our program.

Please read through this information carefully. Pay close attention to the required orientation dates and times, see link below. By deciding to apply for our program, potential travelers are asked to commit to several orientations to ensure that they are properly selected and completely prepared for the travel experience. You must arrive on time and participate fully in all required orientations if you wish to travel.

Schedule of 2020 Student Orientation

Student Traveler

While your attendance at one of the informational meetings in January (Date and Location on calendar) is not required, it is strongly recommended because we discuss what we look for in our travelers. Please make sure to schedule ALL other events and appointments accordingly so they do not conflict with the Partners of the Americas mandatory orientations. Please check the calendar for specific times and locations of these meetings.

The costs associated with the program include:

  • $30 non-refundable application fee
  • $2,600 for travel expenses,
  • $300-$400 spending money while in Costa Rica
  • Associated fees such as immunizations, passport, host family gifts, etc.

There are some scholarships awarded based on financial need. In the past, the amount of the scholarships has been up to 1/3 of the total cost. The amount will vary based on the number of applicants. An application for financial assistance can be found by clicking here: Financial Assistance Form

The Partners’ committee looks forward to meeting you and your parent(s) at the Informational Orientation!

Review Important Dates

Review all the important upcoming Southbound Student Travel dates. If there are no dates listed below, please click Southbound Important Dates, to see a list of important dates for Southbound (traveling) students.

  • Feb

    Optional Informational Orientation

    Learn about the 4 or 8 week exchange program from program volunteers and former travelers. Details about the program and application process will be discussed. We look forward to seeing you there! Pura Vida

  • Feb

    Travel Application Due Date

    Travel Applications due. All aspects of the application must be completed for an application to be accepted. Application and instructions can be found at:

  • Feb

    Getting to Know You Orientation

    Getting to Know You Orientation REQUIRED FOR ALL APPLICANTS Lunch Provided During this orientation, potential travelers will participate in a variety of group activities to get to know each other and the Partners of the Americas committee will get to know students and begin to assess their suitability to travel with the program.

  • Mar

    Student Interviews Orientation

    Student Interviews Orientation REQUIRED FOR ALL APPLICANTS Bring your own lunch!

  • Apr

    Thank-You Presentation Practice

    Date is tentative.

  • May

    Overnight Orientation

    Overnight Orientation Please bring your lunch and other assigned documents.

  • Jun

    Departure to Costa Rica

    Tentative departure to Costa Rica. Exact date will be determined in the spring. The date may change if school years are extended.

  • Aug

    Return of Students to Oregon

    Travelers will return 8 weeks after departure date (+/- 1 day).

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